Bob Perkins
January 21, 2014

Fiberglass Deck

While reading the article about Hubert Platt’s Drag Team Mustang restoration (“Georgia Shaker is Back,” February 2013), I was intrigued to learn that Ford produced non-Shelby fiberglass deck lids. Last year, I purchased a ’70 Mach 1 that came with a fiberglass deck lid. I first thought it was fabricated. However, after reading the Georgia Shaker article, I’m not so sure. Can you shed some light on this as I’m thinking about selling it? 

Aaron Steht
Florence, KY   

The decklid in your photo appears to be a genuine Holman & Moody fiberglass deck lid for a ’69-’70 Mustang. These deck lids are definitely a rare find. It is not easy to put a price or value on such a rare part, although finding a buyer may be difficult. The owner of a period original race car in need of a deck lid is your best potential customer. Collectors of rare and off-the-wall race parts are also out there. The average guy building a restomod or hot rod Mustang would probably opt for a reproduction for less money. I would start with an eBay ad under the heading “Original H&M ’69-’70 Mustang Decklid.” Good luck!

Correct Dash Pad Color

I am in the process of restoring a ’69 Mustang hardtop that was purchased by my mother in July 1969 at Rett-White Ford in Walnut Creek California. This Mustang has been in the family since new.  It’s a San Jose-built vehicle, VIN 9R01F185543, with the exterior color described on the window sticker as Champagne Gold.  I believe the interior is described as Ivy Gold, but I am not sure where this color description came from. I am in the process of replacing the heater core and planning to replace the cracked dash pad at the same time with an original Ford tooling replacement pad from Mustangs Plus. However, the only color listed for a ’69 is black. As the original dash pad appears to be a dark chocolate brown, is this the correct color or am I seeing the result of decades of sun damage? Perhaps black is the correct color? If brown is the correct color, how would you recommend treating the replacement black pad to get it back to the original color?

Ronald Martin
Boise, ID 

The Ford part number for an Ivy Gold ’69 Mustang dash pad is C9ZZ-6504282-AIG. This color is a darker brown. National Parts Depot offers Dark Ivy Gold in aerosol under part number AP15854. Before painting, I always wipe the pad with lacquer thinner to remove any oils. etc. Also, be sure to check the instructions on the paint can label.

’73 Lug Nuts

I have a ’73 Mach 1 with the optional aluminum wheels. I recently attended the Mustang Club of America show in Indianapolis and the judges indicated that I have the incorrect lug nuts. I guess I’m not sure about the correct lug nuts. Can you help me out?

Via the Internet

The correct ’73 lug nuts are Ford part number D0OZ-1012-A. A photo is included here for reference. Today, this lug nut is a rare find. I don’t believe it has been reproduced.

Hold-Down Clips

I am detailing the engine compartment on my ’65 Mustang GT fastback and the distributor cap clips are a dark, somewhat rusty color. What is the correct finish and color?

Bob Apodaca
Via the Internet

The distributor cap hold-down clips are a phosphate and oil finish. If you are not able to phosphate your parts, the cast-blast natural paint works pretty well for most situations.

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