Vintage Tech Advice October 2013 1968 Mustang
Bob Aliberto
December 31, 2013

Rear Grille for '68?

I have cast tail lamp panels on my '68 fastback, installed with what appears to be factory fasteners. My question is, how can I determine if they were factory installed, dealer installed, or aftermarket? When I researched the VIN, I learned that my car was originally blue with a flat black hood. I thought maybe the taillight panels were part of that package. Any information would be helpful.

John Creswell,
Keymar, MD

The lower back panel grille was an extra-cost option for '67 Mustangs (see photo) that were also equipped with the Exterior Décor package. It was not offered for '68 Mustangs. I believe your fastback had the grille installed either by a dealer or a previous owner. The grille was readily available over the counter from Ford dealers, and it came with all the necessary factory installation hardware.

Stock Mufflers Too Loud

I have a '67 Mustang with the 289 two-barrel engine. I recently installed a new single exhaust system with transverse muffler, which I imported from National Parts Depot. I've noticed that the exhaust note is a bit loud. My friend's '68 Mustang (with 289 two-barrel engine and single exhaust) is much quieter. Do you think something is wrong or is this normal? Mustang shows are non-existent in Malta so I cannot compare with other cars.

Joe Borg
Rabat, Malta

The sound emitted from a muffler is due to its manufacturer and design. I find that various brand mufflers can sound considerably different. With early Mustang single exhaust, there are not many choices available, whereas late-model Mustang muffler choices are vast and include sound as a consideration.

Be certain that your exhaust system is hung freely so that the hangers are straight and not twisted. Any harmonics sent through the car body tend to make the exhaust system seem louder. The rubber section of a hanger is necessary to prevent noise and vibration, while also allowing for heat expansion.

Master Cylinder Swap Lines

I own a '66 Mustang Sprint and plan to convert the single-chamber brake master cylinder to a dual system for safety reasons. I've read that the dual master cylinder will bolt right in. My question: Will pre-bent brake lines for a '67-'68 Mustang fit my '66 after I've installed the dual master? I'm figuring that the width and length of the bodies should be about the same.

Andrew Eldridge
Via the Internet

The '67-'68 dual master cylinder is a bolt-in swap and highly recommended for '65-'66 owners still utilizing the factory '65-'66 single master cylinder. Pre-bent lines for the this swap are available from Classic Tube (800/882-3711;

Be certain to obtain a master cylinder for manual drum brakes if your Sprint is so equipped. Disc brake master cylinders have a different reservoir and lack the check valve needed for front drum brakes.

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