Bob Perkins
December 27, 2013

Boss '9 Breathers

I have a friend with a '70 Boss 429. The car currently has aftermarket breather caps in the valve covers and would like to replace them with the original style. I have seen two different breather caps for the Boss 429. Is there a difference between '69 and '70? Do you have a picture of both styles of breather caps?

Via the Internet

There is indeed a difference between the '69 and '70 Boss 429 breather caps. In the accompanying photo, the cap on the right is correct for the '70 model Boss 429. The top of the cap has Autolite stamped in the metal. The '70 cap has a metal elbow to attach the PCV hose. The '69 cap gets a rubber grommet and a plastic elbow for the PCV hose. Both styles have been reproduced. Originals are a rare find!

Mach Hood Stripes

I am preparing to install striping on my '70 Mach 1 with the Shaker hood scoop. What is the proper paint for the wide middle stripe on the hood?

Kevin C.
Via the Internet

The proper paint for your '70 Mach 1 hood is textured low-gloss black. The original PPG part number, DDL-9381, is obsolete from PPG but it shows up on eBay occasionally.

TCP Global sells a current formula for DDL-9381. It's still acrylic lacquer and comes with an original old-school PPG label. It's an excellent product that's ready to spray, plus it's about 25 percent of the cost for an NOS quart of PPG DDL-9381. For more information, you can call TCP Global's technical and product information line at 858/909-2110.

'70 vs. '71 Hood Locks

I have a '71 Mach 1 with the 351 four-barrel engine. I'm having a hard time locating NOS '71 hood locks. I have found a number of '70s on eBay but no '71s. The '70 and '71 locks look very similar. Are they interchangeable? If not, what are the differences?

Bill B.
Via the Internet

The '70 and '71 hood locks share the same Ford engineering number. The only difference is the length of the lock rod that is removable and interchangeable. If you have your original lock assemblies, you can simply change the rod from the '71 to the NOS '70 units. See the photo for reference.

Boss Regulator

I need to purchase a reproduction voltage regulator for my '70 Boss 302 with a build date of November 12, 1969. Do I need the C8TF with yellow ink or the C8AF with silver ink?

Dean K.
Via the Internet

I would get the C8AF with the silver lettering. Most cars with an original C8TF unit installed is because they had their regulator replaced after the car was sold. Only the C8TF units were sold through Autolite Parts and Services. The C8AF units were assembly line only. Since Boss 302s were not available with factory air, the C8TF units were not typical production for the Boss 302.

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