Bob Perkins
January 8, 2014

Letter Stickers
I own a Dearborn-built '69 Mach 1 with the 351W and four-speed. Is there a factory correct placement of inspection and paint code letters? The kit I purchased included two Fs plus one smaller F, one B and a smaller B, one P plus a smaller P, one T and a smaller T, a small E, and a “Use genuine FoMoCo replacement parts” decal. Where should I place these decals? I'm afraid I might put them in the wrong place and get points deducted.

Bob Fogleman
Via the Internet

The FoMoCo replacement parts decal is not used. The letter P is often placed in the left-hand door jam. The F, B, and T stickers are placed rather randomly on the cowl area (see the photo from a low-mileage, Dearborn-built '69 Mach 1). The letter E is placed by the left-hand shock tower.

Down to the Details
I am looking for a reference for the screw that attaches the L-bracket from the battery to the battery apron on my '70 Mach 1 with the 428 Cobra Jet. Also, should the bracket be black or natural?

Bill Sokolowski
Via the Internet

The correct screw is Ford part number 55876-S36, the same screw used to attach the voltage regulator and starter relay to the inner fender panel.

The typical finish for the L-bracket is semi-gloss black. In my opinion, the reproductions were phosphated, leading to confusion about the original finish. Rarely will you see an original bracket because they were usually tossed, along with the heat shield, when the battery was replaced for the first time.

Boss Engine Paint
I am restoring a '71 Boss 351 and preparing to paint the engine in the near future. My question is about the inspection plate. Is it bare metal or painted blue. Also, should the intake have blue overspray?

Don Baker
Via the Internet

The inspection plate is painted blue on the Boss 351 engines. However, the bolts are natural; they were installed after the plate was painted. The area near the starter was masked off to keep paint off the plate so the starter would ground (see photo).

The intake manifold should have a slight blue overspray on the edges.

Yellow or Black Adhesive?
I am in the process of reassembly on a '69 Mach 1. I understand that Ford used yellow weatherstrip adhesive for the door and trunk lid seals. But it appears that the roof rail weatherstrips on my car were attached with black adhesive rather than yellow. Have you seen this before? Should I use black or yellow adhesive on my roof rail weatherstrips?

Dean Crutchfield
Via the Internet

I agree with your assessment that black adhesive was used on roof rail weatherstrips for '69 and '70 Mustangs. I would take a photo of the original weatherstrips for reference. My recommendation is to use black adhesive for the roof rail weatherstrips but stick (no pun intended) with yellow for the door and trunk lid because that was typical production.

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