Bob Perkins
November 22, 2013

Muscle Parts Intake

I am re-restoring my first car, a 1965 Mustang fastback that I’ve owned since 1988. During the process, a friend located a vintage aluminum intake manifold. I am curious about its origins and who manufactured it.

Paul Wilborn
Trinity, NC

Your faxed photo won’t reproduce well in print so I’m including a photo of an NOS unit. It’s a genuine Ford intake for the 289/302 from the Muscle Parts program. It’s a rare find for your ’65 Mustang!

Matching Numbers Definition

A friend and I are having a debate as to the exact definition of a matching numbers restoration for a Mustang. Do matching numbers include parts such as generator/alternator, radiator, power steering pump, etc.? Or is it restricted to the body and drivetrain? Can you settle this argument?

Paul Giordana
Yorba Linda, CA

You have slightly complicated the definition by adding “restoration” to “matching numbers.” I believe numbers matching includes body, interior, and drivetrain. Service parts such as tires and battery would not apply in most peoples’ opinion. However, when you specifically use “matching numbers restoration,” it would include the correct service parts. This is just my opinion. Very few restorations are 100 percent by this definition. I believe you and your friend are both in agreement that original body and drivetrain are the key components to any definition of numbers matching.

Interior Paint

I am from Puerto Rico and have owned a ’70 Mustang Boss 302 since 1971. I am in the process of finishing the restoration and currently working on the interior. The car was built in Metuchen. I am becoming a little crazy because I have to paint the black interior pieces and don’t know what color or what parts are supposed to get what color. The car has the black standard interior. I have to paint the lower dash, the lower door panel, the door top trim, and so on. Can you help me?

Luis Justiniano
Puerto Rico

The interior parts you listed are painted dark charcoal metallic. The PPG mix code is DIA-32586. You can also purchase dark charcoal metallic from National Parts Depot (800/874-7595, Florida store) in a spray bomb as part number AP-4464.

’66 Fuel Filter

I am finishing up the restoration of my May 1966 Dearborn convertible with a 200-cubic-inch six-cylinder and C4 automatic transmission. I want to make sure I get the correct fuel filter for the carburetor. Would it be the C5AZ-9155-B with the C5AE-9155-A4 stamping on the part itself? If not, can you tell me what would be considered correct for this car?

Dave Rataillon
Via the Internet

I want to make sure I get the correct fuel filter for the carburetor.

The correct filter for the six-cylinder ’66 Mustang is the C5UZ-9155-A (Autolite FG-14). The filter looks similar to the C5AE-9155-A but has a different thread size. I have included a picture of the correct filter for your car.

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