November 22, 2013

’70-’73 Wilwoods

Wilwood Disc Brakes has introduced a new front disc brake kit for ’70-’73 Mustangs that significantly enhances safety and performance while decreasing unsprung weight compared to the stock brakes. The kit features forged billet DynaPro six-piston differential bore calipers to provide the enhanced performance of a larger pad, stainless pistons to resist corrosion, and Quick-E brake pad retention clips for simplified pad service without caliper removal. The base kit (P/N 140-12945) comes with plain-face 12.19-inch vented rotors and black powdercoated calipers. Optional SRP rotors feature Wilwood’s directional drill and slot design with a protective E-coat finish. Info: 805/388-1188;

Fox Windshield Moldings

The new ’79-’93 Fox-body windshield moldings from Latemodel Restoration are stamped from Ford’s original tooling. Then they are powdercoated black and packaged securely for safe shipping. Info: 866/507-3786;

Dual Reinforcements

Because the stock ’67-’69 Mustang floorpan was not strong enough to support the heavier weight of the dual exhaust for GT and high-performance models, a reinforcement was added to prevent floorpan warpage and possible failure. To provide concours originality, Classic Tube’s reinforcement plates are exact reproductions of the Ford factory stampings with the same gauge metal as the originals. Predrilled for the hanger stud brackets, they also include the same factory stamping creases along the edges. Priced at $29.95 each, the reinforcements are available for left (No. 6511163-L) and right (No. 6511163-R). Info: 800/882-3711;

Coyote Headers

JBA Performance Exhaust, a PerTronix brand, has released new Cat4Ward headers for the 5.0-liter Coyote engine in ’11-’13 Mustang GTs. Emissions legal, the headers are built with 3⁄8-inch-thick flanges at the cylinder head and come with collectors designed to connect to the factory catalytic convertor pipes. The four-tube design is also made from 16-gauge tubing for durability with 1¾-inch primaries for increased mid-range horsepower and torque. The design accommodates both automatic and manual transmission cars. Info: 909/599-5955;

Budget Belt Kit

The March Performance Sport Track belt kit for Ford Windsor small-block engines (289, 302, 351) is designed for the budget-minded builder. Complete with pulleys and a strong but compact one-piece combination alternator and A/C bracket, the kit is manufactured from 6061-T6 billet aluminum but with a more economical silver or black finish. A larger crank pulley aids in driving the alternator, A/C, and water pump for better cooling and improved charging during low-speed driving. The kit includes a 105-amp chrome alternator and pulley, Sanden A/C compressor, water pump and pulley, timing cover, alternator and A/C brackets, crank pulley, and mounting hardware. The system requires a 90-degree thermostat housing, electric fuel pump, and pan-mounted side dip-stick tube. Info: 888/729-9070;