Jerry Heasley
December 18, 2012

Tranny Finishes

I'm currently detailing the transmission and shifter for my Boss 351. I need to know the concours correct finish for the shifter body and the three rods. The levers that attach to the transmission appear to be steel because they are fairly rusty.

Bob Nelson
Houston, TX

Here are the finishes for your transmission project: The shifter rods are zinc dichromate finish. The lockout rod to the steering column is clear zinc (silver). The shifter mechanism is phosphate and oil; note the blue daub on the body in the picture. The levers on the rods are bare steel.

Interior Red

I have a '66 GT hardtop with the 289 four-barrel engine. It's Raven Black with the code 65 red interior. I need to know the mix code for the red interior paint. I don't want to use a spray bomb.

John Weldon
Detroit, MI

The PPG code for '66 Mustang interior red is 71541. I last used PPG DIA-71541-D for a personal vehicle.

Paint Finish and Mix

I have a couple of Boss 302 questions for a '70 model built on February 6, 1970. Are the rear window moldings low-gloss black or textured low-gloss black? Also, what is the mix code for Corporate Blue engine paint for the same car?

Jamie McClur
Via the Internet

The rear window moldings for the '70 Boss 302 were textured low-gloss black. The mix code for Ford Corporate Blue is 13358; we use PPG's DAR 13358 at our shop. However, the acrylic enamel is getting hard to find. If you use a more current PPG product, a slight tinting may be required to achieve the correct color.

Boss Clamp

I own a '69 Boss 429 Mustang and have a question concerning the correct number stamped on the clamp that holds the anti-backfire valve to the smog pump adjuster bracket. I received a #69 clamp from the supplier of my smog system. I've been told by a reliable judge that it should be a #30. Which is concours correct?

Name withheld by request

You need a Wittele #30 to be concours correct. The finish should also be clear galvanized.

Hi-Po Flywheel

I'm trying to identify a part. I've come across a used flywheel which I believe is for a 289 High Performance engine. The casting number is C30E-6380-B and it has a 160-tooth ring gear. However, it does not have the orange paint ID patch on it, but I realize someone could have cleaned it off. From what I have learned online by Googling the casting number, it is a Hi-Po flywheel. What do you think?

C. Albrandt
Denver, CO

According to the 1965 Ford parts book, you have a 289 Hi-Po flywheel. The engineering number C30E-6380-B for the ring gear is also noted for ID in the parts book.

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