Jerry Heasley
February 1, 2013

Is the mast on a '69-'70 Mustang antenna round or teardrop shaped? What shape is the base?

Round and teardrop masts look pretty much the same. There is also little difference between the bases. However, Mustang antennas are physically different from antennas made for Fairlanes, Galaxies, and other Ford car lines. Also, all first generation Mustang antennas featured a round mast.

Bob Perkins, first generation Mustang technical advisor for the Mustang Club of America, told us that the best way to show what is Mustang correct is with detailed pictures using assembly line NOS parts. During a visit to Perkins Restoration in Juneau, Wisconsin, we rounded up the various antennas along with Bob's expertise.

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Dealer Antenna Mistakes

Some enthusiasts believe every Ford dealer-installed antenna (from any car line) is "stock." After all, the antenna is original. However, what is original is not necessarily concours correct.

In other words, a dealer's mistake does not make a non-Mustang antenna, although "original to the car," a true Mustang antenna. In MCA judging, an antenna other than a Mustang antenna is not considered concours correct.

Clearance problems during shipping could easily damage vulnerable antennas, not to mention vandals snapping off the antennas for kicks. Therefore, dealer-installation made more sense.

Bob Perkins believes the main reason for antenna mistakes is because the least skilled shop personnel worked in "dealer prep." One mistake they made was grabbing an antenna from another Ford car line. Perkins has seen paint repairs on the body around antennas because the drill bit slipped while the technician was drilling the holes. He has also seen two holes for the mounting screws instead of the specified four.