Jim Smart
October 11, 2012

If you own a '79-'93 Fox-body Mustang, chances are good it has power windows. Chances are also good that you have at least one window that's inoperative. Perhaps you have a noisy window that clicks going up or down. Most of the time, these malfunctions are motor drive or switch related. If you can hear the motor running and the window isn't moving, it is most likely the motor drive transmission, which is easy to repair.

National Parts Depot embraces Fox-body enthusiasts with parts and accessories for these popular modern classics. A great example is the things we need in order to get lazy and broken power windows working again. If you want to stick with your Mustang's original power window drive motors, you can rebuild them using NPD's window regulator drive kit (#234A24-1) for $50.53 each.

The main reason to replace power window drive motors is when the motor stops working completely. Typically, these motors function for a long time without repair issues. Power windows usually stop working due to motor drive transmission failure or perhaps a bad switch. Because the motor drive transmission employs nylon components for quiet operation, they have a limited lifespan, especially if the window binds. Ring gears crack and torque pins (rollers) crumble. When this happens, you will hear the motor run without window movement.

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