Jerry Heasley
October 30, 2012

One look at the rear convertible window in my new cloth top and I immediately wanted to replace the wavy plastic with a folding back glass. Of course, the glass rear window was not available for the Mustang convertible until the ’67 model. But that hasn’t prevented the aftermarket from coming to the rescue. For example, Robbins Auto Top offers a ’65-’66 folding back glass window, as sold by many Mustang parts vendors.

In addition to looking better, the glass lasts considerably longer. Anybody who has ever cared for a plastic rear window knows about “swirl marks” from cleaning. Using up and down or straight across strokes minimizes the wear, but like Kevin Hartman at Convertible Top Guys says, “Most people don’t realize that every time they touch the plastic, they are wearing it more and more.”

Since I replaced my old vinyl convertible top with a longer lasting cloth top, I also wanted a longer lasting rear back glass. Otherwise, my rear window would be worn out when my canvas top still looked like new. I had originally installed a plastic rear window in my ’65 convertible with plans to upgrade to a folding back glass later. To my surprise, I had to start over with a top cut especially for the folding glass. Due to the smaller area of the glass, these rear windows use a different top than the top used for the larger plastic rear windows.

Here are the steps to install a folding back glass in a Robbins cloth top on a ’65-’66 Mustang convertible. Installing a folding rear window glass seems elementary. The installer staples the window to the upper and lower bows. However, the really difficult part of the installation is convertible top adjustment, which is a job for professionals. Special thanks to Troy & Christy Anderson at “Troy’s Upholstery” in Amarillo, Texas.

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