Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 11, 2011
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Outdoor parking or storage: This is primarily the owner who lives in an apartment or has to keep his car overnight in the driveway. "Noah, UltraTech, or WeatherShield would be good choices. If it's an area with a lot of sun, then Evolution, which is a less expensive version of Noah, or Reflec'Tect, a woven polyester with a silver urethane coating. They are better at keeping out the UV rays."

Long-term inside storage: In this case, we're thinking primarily collectors who keep their Mustangs in a warehouse or owners who store their cars inside during the winter. "Dustop would be my number one choice for indoor storage. It provides dent and ding protection, plus the multi-layers prevent dust from going through it. I've known guys with woodshops in their garages, and even with all the sawdust they can pull the cover off and the car is still clean. If they really want to pamper their Mustang, they can go to Form-Fit, made from a knit-polyester woven material. The outside is stretch knit and the inside is 100 percent cotton loop that has been sheared, so it's pure cotton fleece against the paint. It's very expensive but it does a great job and looks pretty on the car."

With four locations across the country, National Parts Depot sells a lot of car covers for Mustangs. However, for stocking reasons, they've narrowed their selection to four-Noah, Evolution 4, CoverBond, and Durafin. "We carry three different outdoor covers," NPD President Rick Schmidt told us. "We sell equal amounts of the most expensive Noahs and the least expensive CoverBonds. When I was using covers for my personal cars, I always used the Evolution 4. I like the extra thickness, which isn't a bad thing when the cover is serving double-duty as the only cushion between the car and somebody's door."

Schmidt also likes the Durafin flannel covers for inside use. "Those things rock! That is the ultimate indoor cover. They give you enough material so you can wrap the entire car right down to the bottom of the tires. And it's really thick. You can literally throw a 10-speed bike at the car and it wouldn't scratch or dent it. They last a lifetime. I'm still using Durafins that I put into service back in the 1980s."

Nearly all of today's covers feature a breathable material, which repels water but also allows moisture to escape. "All of the fabrics we offer are breathable," says Messmore. "That's the first thing you want in a car cover because if any moisture-condensation, rain, etc.-gets under a cover, it has to be able to evaporate easily. If it can't, then the only direction it can go is into the paint, which creates these big clouds that are very difficult to get out. It can actually ruin a paintjob."

Some car owners think that water-resistant means waterproof. "If it's a light rain, the car will stay pretty much dry underneath," says Schmidt. "But if it's a heavy rain, there's no such thing as waterproof. The cover is there to protect the car more from the sun than to keep water off of it. Water is not going to hurt anything as long as it's able to evaporate."

Finally, there is the cost factor. The WeatherShield and FormFit from CoverCraft and the Stormproof from CoverKing are among the most expensive, but you may not need the top-of-the-line covers for your Mustang's situation. At NPD, Schmidt notes that the CoverBond covers are about half the price of similar Noah and Evolution covers, but the limited warranty isn't as good. "If the manufacturer offers a limited warranty, that is a definite plus," he says, noting that NPD once experienced a batch of covers that accidentally weren't coated with UVR protection.

With so many great car cover choices for Mustangs, the decision is yours. Most are custom-shaped for Mustangs from quality breathable material, so you just have to make the selection based on how your Mustang spends its resting time.

One choice is not that difficult-you need a car cover for your Mustang for protection from the sun, rain, airborne contaminants, and dust. And your wife's boxes.

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