Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2009

We knew it was only a matter of time before Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology reached vintage Mustang headlights. And we figured it would be Mustang Project that brought them to us. Already used for brighter taillights and instrument panel lights, the LED technology for headlights offers brighter, crisper, and whiter light output than regular incandescent bulbs, while also providing longer life, cooler operation, and greater dependability.

Each Mustang Project LED headlamp uses ten high-output LEDs, with a light output brighter than traditional glass beam headlights, resulting in better visibility. Installation is just like replacing a standard bulb. We installed a pair at Classic Creations of Central Florida, using owner Merv Rego's '66 K-GT fastback, and quickly noted the whiter, brighter light as compared to the more yellowish light from Halogen bulbs.

The LED headlights meet or exceed Department of Transportation requirements and can be aimed using standard mechanical aiming equipment.

Reliability and durability shouldn't be a problem. The new LEDs are manufactured by Truck-Lite, which has supplied over 100,000 24-volt versions of the Truck-Lite LED headlights for U.S. military use in Iraq and Afghanistan. The LEDs were also subjected to extreme weather testing at military installations in Panama, Arizona, and Alaska. The 12-volt versions in vintage Mustangs will never see those types of duty. In fact, Mustang Project guarantees the headlights for the life of your Mustang.

The downside is the price for new technology. Mustang Project sells the LED headlights for $289.95 each, which means a set of two for '65-'68 and '70-'73 Mustangs will set you back nearly $600 (LED headlights for the four-eyed '69 Mustangs will be available in the near future). Hopefully, the price will drop as LEDs become more common for headlights.