Jim Smart
August 1, 2009

We salute the venerable '79-'04 Fox-body Mustang for its huge contribution to the history of America's favorite fun car. With 25 years of evolution and improvement, there are plenty of them out there to restore, build, and enjoy.

Fox-body Mustang restoration today is much like it was 25-30 years ago for those of us with classic '65-'73 Mustangs because finding restoration parts is one of the greatest challenges. Some reproductions are available, depending on the model year, and some parts remain available from Ford. When those two options fail, there's new-old-stock as you can find it on eBay and other sources. Fortunately, the product planners at Scott Drake Enterprises are looking closely at this market to see what they can do for '87-'93 Mustang restorers and builders.

Each quarter window is a glass/rubber-bonded assembly, with nine studs that go through the body for fastening from the inside with a nut/washer combo. Rubber contacts the body to provide a leak-tight seal. This is one reason why late-model Mustangs don't suffer from leaks like vintage Mustangs.

The latest Scott Drake reproduction part for Fox-body Mustangs is the E7ZZ-6129710-1B quarter window for '87-'93 hatchbacks. Available from Latemodel Restoration Supply, this is a really nice piece, although purists will notice the absence of the "MUSTANG" graphic in the glass. If you must have the lettering for concours or other purposes, you will have to find NOS or excellent used.

Fox-body Mustangs ushered in a new era of manufacturing technique. Where the classic Mustangs had roll-down quarter windows, '79-'93 Mustangs did not. Removal of the old glass is not easy because it is both studded and sealed into place. And because the bonded areas are difficult to reach, you run the risk of breaking the glass during removal, which is best approached from the inside with careful separation of rubber and body in baby steps with a putty knife. We enlisted The Custom Shop to replace our '87-'93 Mustang hatchback quarter windows. Keep in mind coupe quarter window replacement works the same way though a reproduction is not yet available.

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