Jim Smart
August 1, 2009
The '05-'09 Mustang LED Sequential Taillight Kit from Mustang Project plugs into your Mustang's taillight sockets in a matter of minutes. Connectors crimp onto the taillight harness without cutting. Both sides are identical; one side is shown here.

LED technology is changing the way we see the light. In its commercial infancy in the 1970s, the light emitting diode (LED) was used primarily as an indicator light in electronic devices. In those days, we didn't understand the light that came from such a tiny little diode and wondered why they lasted virtually forever. As the technology has advanced, manufacture of the LED, not to mention its use, has become more economical, making its technology even more widespread. What's more, LEDs have gotten larger and even brighter to make them more appealing. Never has this been more apparent than in automobiles and large billboard screens along the Vegas strip.

Mustang Project has pioneered LED technology in Mustangs of all vintages. Sequential LED taillights for '05-'09 Mustangs are what we're talking about here. Mustang Project's S197 Mustang LED Sequential Taillight Kit transforms already exciting three-element taillights to attention getting magenta photons. Two types of systems are available-sequencing 1-2-3 and chase mode. They also sequence when you step on the brakes. Suggested retail price is $318.99 plus shipping. Installation is easy and can be performed in about one hour.

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