Miles Cook
August 1, 2008
The California Pony Cars hood-lift kit (PN ENG-058-551) fits '05-'08 Mustangs. We had it installed on our '05 GT subject car in a matter of minutes. The convenience can't be beat, and you'll love it every time you lift the hood on your S197.

Since 1974, Mustangs have always gone the cheap-Charlie route when it comes to how the hood is held up. No springs or struts on the hinges means that a prop rod is used to hold up the hood while accessing the engine.

Although the new '05-'08s also use this admittedly reliable and functional prop rod, it's surely not the most convenient thing in the world. In fact, compared to just popping the hood and letting a pair of struts or springs lift and hold it, it's kind of a pain in the you-know-what.

Queue up our friends at California Pony Cars to take the stage please, as we show the company's trick new hood-lift kit that fits all S197 Mustangs, from V-6 rentals all the way up to the Shelby GT500KR.

It's a great new setup to be sure, and it literally takes about 10 minutes to install, even with our cameras photographing the process. Tired of that dumb prop rod? Then this deal is the way to go.

Mump_0808_02_z Cpc_kit Front_view
The CPC kit is simple but well engineered. The four lift brackets and the two struts are the whole thing. The two long lift brackets are used in addition to the stock hood hinges rather than replacing them.
Mump_0808_03_z Strip_of_tape Front_viewMump_0808_04_z Hoop_slip Front_view
Should the hood slip from your grasp, place a towel or pad between the hood edge, cowl, and fender to protect against scratches or other damage.

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