Jim Smart
January 1, 2008

Where It All Began
When Dynacorn came out with its '67 Mustang replacement body for approximately $15,000 suggested retail, Ron Bramlett of Mustangs Plus wondered what it would cost and how much effort it would take to reclaim a junked Mustang and get it back on the road. That's when he remembered the Vintage Burgundy fastback parked in his private salvage yard. Twenty years ago, Mustangs Plus purchased the wrecked, six-cylinder '65 fastback to use as a parts car. After being stripped, the shell was left for dead in the company graveyard.

During the past several months, The Restomod Shop has been recouping Project Reclaim. First, it was hauled out of salvage and positioned on a frame jig for disassembly. The body was then mediablasted to bare steel. The car needed quarter-panels, a tail panel, wheelhouses, a floorpan, a right-front framerail and shock tower, radiator support, and a front crossmember. It also had to be pulled, worked, and straightened to factory specifications. Last month, we showed the ground effects going on. Next month, we'll cover the buildup of Project Reclaim's stroker 331 engine.