Miles Cook
October 1, 2007

One of the most notable and unique features on some '67 Shelby GT500s were the center-mounted foglights in the car's grille. Though not legal in all states, the lights located only an inch or so from one another is a trick-looking arrangement that seems natural for the current retro-designed S197 Mustang.

Although the center foglight grille has been around for a while, we still want to see what's involved in its installation. As it turns out, fitting the grille isn't very difficult, and the result is a unique styling component for '05-'08 Mustang GTs that can be ordered right off Mustang Racing Technologies' Web site for $170. The grille, made by 3D Carbon, was in place on our '05 GT subject car in about an hour.

Finally, note that this grille only fits GTs-not V-6 Mustangs or Shelby GT500s. The GT's original light housings are reused with the new grille; V-6 cars aren't equipped with foglights and GT500s have a unique front fascia that has the foglights mounted below the headlights.