Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 5, 2007

On April 17, 1965, exactly one year after the Mustang's public introduction, Ford celebrated the first anniversary by introducing a pair of major option packages. One was the Interior Dcor Group, better known today as the Pony Interior. The other was the GT Equipment Group, which added foglights, side stripes, trumpet exhaust tips, fast-ratio steering, handling suspension, front disc brakes, and five-dial instrumentation (also part of the Interior Dcor Group). In particular, the grille-mounted foglights established a tradition for Mustang GTs: All subsequent Mustangs GTs except '69 have incorporated foglamps, mounted in the grille for '66-'68 and in the lower front valance from '82-'04. For '05, the GT's foglamps returned to a prominent position in the grille.

Adding foglights to non-GT Mustangs has been a popular practice since '65, when even Ford encouraged the GT modification by offering accessory foglight kits through Ford dealerships. Now Virginia Classic Mustang has made it easy to update standard '65-'68 Mustangs with its new Foglight Conversion Kits. The kits include everything needed to install factory-style GT foglights, including lamps, wiring, a switch, and the lightbars for '65-'67 models. Prices vary from $189.95 to $279.95 due to the varying components. For example, '65 kits use the car's existing running-horse corral, and '68s don't require a corral or bars at all.

We followed along with the foglight kit installation on a '66 Mustang at Classic Creations of Central Florida. It's a basic bolt-on other than drilling holes in the radiator support for the wiring and in the instrument panel for the switch. However, you can avoid drilling permanent holes by routing the wiring over or around the radiator support and mounting the switch further under the instrument panel. The foglight wiring connects into the factory headlight-switch harness so the taillights illuminate with the foglights. It's helpful to have a factory wiring diagram handy for making the proper connections.