Jerry Heasley
February 1, 2003

In 1970, the 428 Cobra Jet was continued in the ponycars-the Ford Mustang and Mercury Cougar-but was replaced with the 429 CJ in the mid-sized lines-Ford Torino and Torino GT, Mercury Cyclone and Cyclone GT, and Mercury Montego.

The various 428 Cobra Jet codes for 1969 remained the same for 1970, and the Drag Pack also continued to turn any CJ into an SCJ in Mustang or Cougar for weekend-warrior duty at the strip.

You now know the historical details. Our aim is to get to the hardware components for your concourse edification. Even if you're building up a 428 into a CJ with no plans for judging, the package, stock as a rock, looks good.

For our presentation, we have used two different engines, a '68 1/2 CJ and an equally Dearborn-stock '69 428 SCJ with ram-air. Thanks to Bob Perkins, former MCA National head judge, for the information.

Paint used for Ford Corporate Blue engines:*Ditzler DAR 13358 (acrylic enamel)*Ditzler Delthane Ultra Urethane Hardener, DXR 80 Ditzier DX 265 All-Purpose Flatting Base (25% to 30%)

In Closing
Although the 1968 1/2-1970 428 CJ details are very similar, there were variations in hardware, finishes on the hardware, and paint patterns of the components. These variations even occurred in the same model year. It is important to remember that assembly-line parts and procedures were not always consistent, for many reasons. If you follow our guidelines, you will be considered concours correct for all MCA concours.