Miles Cook
May 23, 2007
This '65 fastback has a LeCarra steering wheel, but removing it is basically the same as with a stock wheel. You'll need a steering-wheel puller to remove a stock wheel or a more universal puller such as what we used for removing this LeCarra wheel.

Ford never meant for a '65 Mustang to last upward of 40 years. But here we are four decades later and first-year Mustangs are still among the most desirable of all collectible Ponies-and it looks to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

As a car ages, there will always be little components that wear out and need replacement. For example, this '65 fastback's turn signals were no longer working. We tried a new flasher and checked out all the bulbs. We also inspected the taillight and parking-light housings and everything seemed to be in order. Thinking a new turn-signal switch-which is mounted in the steering column-might be the answer, we ordered one from California Mustang. It's considerably easier to install than you might anticipate, and after about an hour we were in business with newly functioning turn signals on this daily driven car.