Jim Smart
March 1, 2008
This is the complete Cougar LED taillight kit from Mustang Project. Everything you need is included: flasher modules, connectors, and six LED units.

The electric light has been evolving ever since Thomas Edison first illuminated our world more than a century ago. It began with a filament inside a vacuum-filled glass envelope, casting artificial light where it had never been cast before. Advances in lighting technology followed, with more and more efficient ways to put light where we need it most.

One can only imagine what it was like to see a fluorescent light, with its unnatural flickering illumination and electric glow, for the first time. Evolution brought us mercury and sodium vapor street lighting, which cast huge amounts of light from curb to curb and coast to coast. Those of us who were kids in the '60s used to marvel at what mercury-vapor street lighting did to the color of our blue jeans as we cruised in the family sedan. Lighting technology has taken many different turns in more than 100 years-and it sure beats the humble candle.

Although the light-emitting diode (LED) has been with us for a long time, it didn't see widespread use until the '70s. The LED, as its name implies, is a semiconductor that glows, to put it in most basic terms. Diodes allow current flow in one direction, but not the other. Think of a diode as an electrical check valve. Light color depends on the material of which an LED is made. It may surprise you to know the LED is nothing new. It has been around for nearly as long as the electric light, with its origins in the '20s. Many advances in the LED have occurred since.

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In the past decade, LED technology has made quantum leaps, being used for everything from flashlights to giant video screens to automotive lighting. There are LEDs in just about everything imaginable, including Christmas decorations.

Few companies in the automotive industry have been more aggressive about LED lighting than {{{Mustang}}} Project. It has developed patented LED retrofit kits for classic Mustangs. Its latest effort involves classic Cougars, and we're here to learn more about it.

The '67-'73 Cougar LED taillight kit is designed to not only change the way people see your taillights, but to also get them sequencing properly without the unwanted annoyances that have plagued Cougar owners since 1967. This system is designed only for Cougars with original factory wiring and electromechanical sequencing. When properly installed, it completely bypasses your Cougar's antiquated electromechanical sequential turn-signal system, yielding modern, reliable technology.

Each wire in your Cougar's taillight wiring harness is color-coded. Mustang Project includes a complete, easy-to-understand wiring diagram with the Cougar LED kit, which makes installation a snap.