Wayne Cook
March 29, 2005

Whether you've gone through a complete restoration or you've got asurvivor-type car with original paint, you already know it's a tough jobkeeping it looking nice. Maintenance is a big portion of any ongoingproject, and the more worthwhile the project, the more work is needed tokeep things looking tiptop. There's more to looking good at cruise nightthan just paint and glass. Your car's underhood realm needs to be neatas a pin too. There are many inexpensive things you can do to prolongthe life of your car's paint and body, and keep it looking factoryfresh.

A complete cleanup for your car's exterior has several importantsteps. First, go around your car to remove tough stuff, such as roadtar, yellow line paint, and dead bugs. Then proceed to the wash stageusing the right kind of soap.

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