January 31, 2006

We've sure been having a lot of fun with our vintage Fords in the new world of Restomod, which allows us the freedom to explore creativity with our Fords and Mercs. Restomod is a blank canvas each of us is free to experiment with, as long as our efforts are tasteful and loaded with good common sense.

The way we used to modify Fords is certainly different than it is today. If you are building a retro ride that reminds you of high school in the '60s, you're going to build something dated, but great fun to horse around with. But if you want a delicious mix of great classic styling and modern, high-tech performance, then restomod is for you. Disc brakes, better suspensions, electronic fuel injection, sound deadening, overdrive, limited slip, power windows, and a host of other productive modifications can make our classic Fords better than they have ever been.

That said, what would you like to do with your vintage Ford?

Front Disc Brakes
If you own a vintage Ford with the original four-wheel drum brakes, bolt a fresh set of disc brakes onto the front of your Ford and begin to feel safer immediately. Stainless Steel Brakes' disc brake kits from Mustangs Plus have everything you need to get safer in an afternoon.

When you are on a budget, Stainless Steel Brakes' four-piston Kelsey-Hayes front disc brakes get the job done nicely and for less money. If you are going to do any kind of high-performance driving, opt for a set of carbon metallic brake pads, which like the heat and perform better under the gun.

It's challenging to talk about brakes without next addressing the suspension system. Both work hand-in-hand in the interest of safe driving and vehicle control. Good brakes need a healthy suspension system to achieve good balance and control in any kind of driving. Even the tightest budget can afford genuine Grab-A-Trak suspension parts from Mustangs Plus for classic Mustangs and other vintage Fords. We're talking affordable suspension components that freshen up a suspension system and improve handling all at once.

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If you are doing a factory original restoration, Grab-A-Trak suspension parts get the job done. If you are building a restomod, Grab-A-Trak holds the road there too with 620 front coils, five leaf springs, 1-inch front sway bars, KYB gas-adjustable shocks, and a whole lot more. When you have a new suspension system doing the tough job underneath, you can drive with confidence, knowing you're going to get there safely and have a ball doing it.

Double Up And Be Safe
Fords and Mercs prior to 1967 can certainly be improved with front disc brakes, but they need even more to be safe. Beginning in 1967, dual-hydraulic braking systems became federally mandated. Dual braking systems provide two completely separate hydraulic systems that work independently of one another. Master Power Brakes offers self-contained, power dual-braking systems for pre-'67 Fords and Mercurys. This enables you to bolt-in a power booster and dual-reservoir master cylinder in an afternoon. All you have to do is install the system, bleed the brakes, and get back to the action.