Michael Galimi
March 3, 2010

For some, turning to a wrecked Mustang is a low-cost option to buying one that is flawless. If you are capable of performing bodywork and don't mind working hard, there are many diamonds in the rough.

Costeira found this car at an auction that is not open to the public, however, if you browse sites like eBay and Craigslist there are cars to be bought at a reasonable price. But be warned, as Costeira stated, "This car was rough when we got it. It was bashed up and in real bad shape, but the chassis was straight and it just needed bodywork. For us, it was a natural fit since that is what we do and we went with a Cervini's '00 Cobra R body kit to replace a lot of the parts. We also added a Cobra rear bumper, and a new door and fenders."

He also told us that when picking up a salvage car, avoid cars with bent frames due to complex repairs. Also be aware that in some states it's harder than others to re-title a salvage vehicle. Costeira also suggested you really think it through before committing to a project of this caliber-everything sounds simple when planned out in your head.

We often look at the success with projects like the Recession Special, a recently completed project on the pages of this magazine. Senior Tech Editor Steve Baur bought an LX coupe that most of us would have definitely overlooked. A lot of time and care was spent on it, and the finished project speaks for itself. Costeira's '02 Stang will be added to our success folder as the before and after photos speak for themselves.

Picking up a wrecked or rough Mustang isn't a bad thing, but expect to work hard bringing it back to life.

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