Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
November 1, 2009

Our car had a hodgepodge of seating, so we called upon one of Latemodel's suppliers, Corbeau, to provide us with proper seating for our coupe. The suede leather GTSII bucket seats that Corbeau sent are spectacularly comfortable, and the company now offers matching rear seat upholstery to recover your back seats as well.

Part of our interior restoration includes the use of modern sound-deadening materials like the Suppressor and Super Sonic Mat from Thermo-Tec. When we dismantled the interior, most of the factory sound-deadening material basically turned to dust. Latemodel offers replacements for most of these, but we ordered up the Thermo-Tec products because we liked the sound-deadening and heat-reflection properties of the material.

In this installment, we've gutted the inside of the car, and installed the sound deadening material. Over the next two issues, we'll be showing you the right way to change the color of your interior, and reinstall the new components from Latemodel Restoration Supply and Corbeau. Stay tuned for this monstrous upholstery upheaval.