Wayne Cook
February 26, 2010

Famous Mustang race cars were typically fastbacks, so there are plenty of interesting possibilities for replicas or clones. Replicas are a field of particular interest to many enthusiasts because with an accurate duplication you can enjoy the special characteristics of these famous Mustangs for a fraction of the price. A genuine Cobra Jet Mustang would cost plenty on today's market, but a solid replica could be created for a fraction of the cost of an original. On the ground a Mustang with a 428 FE is a Mustang with a 428 FE, and from a performance standpoint it could produce the same level of enjoyment as the real thing. Let's look at some different interesting fastbacks and see why they have such an ardent following.

Famous Clones
The '67-'68 fastbacks are also very popular for clones or replicas. From the '68 Cobra Jet factory racers to the famous Mustang in the movie Bullitt they are a perennial favorite.

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