Wayne Cook
February 5, 2010
Photos By: Mustang & Fords Archives

Fantastic Thunderbirds

Does your taste run to something in the larger category that is not a Galaxie? Many Ford folks we know go for the Thunderbird. This beautiful '64-'66 square Bird customization is one of the nicest T-bird jobs we've ever seen. The two-tone paint is awesome and the late-model Mustang wheels are a perfect fit. The 390 FE engine that came as standard equipment in this car makes them interstate express vehicles and we'd love to have this car with an FE and AOD trans combination for the drivetrain.

Going back one generation this bullet or dolphin style T-Bird has the streamlined tonneau to cover the rear seats, a rare optional item. This body style was made for three years, from '61-'63. Convertible Thunderbirds of this vintage are now so valuable that usually owners let them stand in their original glory. However, don't imagine for a moment that getting a Thunderbird convertible to look like this one isn't a major project.

Going back to the original '55-'57 Thunderbird then you're talking about a much smaller car. These cars are extremely valuable too, and it's rare to find one done as a customized project. However, this fellow found a basket case two-seat Thunderbird and created the fantastic custom job you see here. The owner tossed the Y-block engine and now the car has supercharged 5.0 EFI power and overdrive. If cutting up an original bothers you, check out Regal Roadsters for a fiberglass kit alternative.

Mercury's Finest Moments

Enter text here.There is certainly no shortage of glory in the Mercury camp, and like the parent company, Mercury has a very colorful racing heritage. One Mercury fan we know loves Cougars and just picked up this rough '69 convertible. The reason our buddy is starting with this car is because it is a '69 XR-7 R-code 428 CJ convertible. It was one of 96 built with a C6 transmission. Although this project car had a high initial cost, the result is certain to be very valuable.

Mercury variations on Ford offerings often make extremely interesting project cars. If you're not interested in a Fairlane then this Mercury Cyclone might be a good suggestion for you. You get the elegance of the Fairlane/Torino fastback styling along with Mercury-only highlights such as special interiors and subtle exterior design differences.

This factory 427 Comet 404 is one of our all time favorite cars. The pedestrian post body style, Wimbledon White exterior, and dog dish hubcaps scream grocery getter.

One look under the hood and you'll understand that this is no grocery getter. You'd have to hear this solid lifter 427 at idle to believe the potential of this little sedan, and that little old lady from Pasadena would have had her had hands full with this car.