Wayne Cook
February 5, 2010
Photos By: Mustang & Fords Archives

Station Wagons/Pickups & Other Ford Madness

This '64 Galaxie station wagon certainly shows that we aren't restricted by two doors when it comes to coolness. This canary yellow wagon has a subtle flame job and a 390 FE engine for power. It's one of many ultra-nice Ford station wagon models we've seen given the restomod treatment.

If you've got to have a "truck" but you don't want a truck, the Rancheros were a great alternative. Here you have the styling of the Fairlane car (being a '66 Ranchero) with an optional big-block engine if you wanted it, plus the huge bed. Indeed we've seen countless Ranchero's of all stripes that make fantastic alternative classic Ford projects.

When the Maverick body style was introduced it was extremely popular. Here's an example that's been outfitted with a turbocharged SVO four-cylinder engine. You'll read more about this alternative project and engine swap in a future issue.