Wayne Cook
February 5, 2010
Photos By: Mustang & Fords Archives

Falcon Favorites

This painfully stock Falcon sedan is another example of a perfect alternative project car starting point. This example is unmolested, rust-free, and has perfect factory two-tone paint. If this were our car it would look the same as it does here but have an EFI 347 with an AOD and 3.55 gears. The only thing we'd be worried about is traction problems.

Starting in 1964 the Falcon got a complete redesign and an all-new squared-off look. This body style makes a fantastic alternative project rig. One of the nicest square Falcons we've ever seen is this red two-door hardtop. Here again the owner makes use of the factory Bullitt Mustang wheels to great effect. The overall statement here is understated muscle. As alternative project car possibilities go remember that with the Falcon platform you get lightweight, compact size, and the potential to easily fit a very powerful midsized engine.

At the other end of the range for early Falcon possibilities is this beautiful '63 Falcon Sprint custom job. From the shaved door handles to the lowered stance nothing escapes the attention of this enthusiast.

A peek inside on this radically customized Falcon shows great taste and attention to detail everywhere. No expense was spared in making this one of the finest Falcon customs possible.

Out Of This World Galaxies

This Galaxie is a '63 version and shows that the convertible Galaxies are cars with class to spare. This car looks like a showroom-new example right down to the factory wire wheel covers. For original equipment under the hood this convertible was equipped with the killer 406 FE 4V engine. Why mess with perfection when this 10.9:1 compression mill pumps out 385 hp at 5,800 rpm in stock form? Engine options were the order of the day and the 406 could also be had in a factory three-deuce set up. That engine made 405 hp at the same rpm using the additional induction and 12.1:1 compression to produce the extra power. Imagine all this goodness without even getting into the available 427s.

Galaxies make excellent alternative project cars and they have a very colorful factory racing history. From NASCAR warfare to the factory lightweights for drag racing the Galaxie was in the middle of it all. This '63 example is a factory 427 version and borrows the fiberglass "teardrop" hood from the factory lightweight racers offered at the time in very limited numbers. On a car as rare and valuable as this one, this fellow has the right idea; stopping his modifications at the hood and period-correct Cragar SS five-spoke mags.

Here's another great Galaxie idea. This '64 two-door post design was offered as the Ford Custom and was the most spartan Galaxie offering. This fabulous car has an EFI modular engine and an overdrive transmission. Like the '63 Falcon we saw earlier, this car has the shaved door handles and emblem delete treatment for a more streamlined look. Like that particular Falcon the orange and cream color scheme works well on this car, too.