Wayne Cook
February 5, 2010
Photos By: Mustang & Fords Archives

Clones/Tributes/Replica Vehicles

Clones and replicas are an area of particular interest for enthusiasts starting out on a limited budget. With a clone you can get the flavor of a favorite for a fraction of the real thing's entry fee. And who said an alternative project absolutely can't be a Mustang. If you're after an alternative slant for your garden-variety fastback how about a colorful replica of one of the original 50 factory prepared '68 Cobra Jet Mustang racers? The Rye Ford Cobra Jet graphics on this car certainly add visual excitement and would garner plenty of attention at the traffic light.

Speaking of outrageously cool graphics it's hard to top an original Thunderbolt graphics package as a suggestion for eye appeal. With the 427 eagle on the doors and Thunderbolt lightning bolt logo on the rear quarter, this car screams of Ford's Total Performance. Using a teardrop hood, high beam air inlets, and these graphics, any '64 Fairlane can have Thunderbolt appeal.

Another school of thought for an alternative look for your classic Mustang is the Trans-Am dress code. This '70 Mustang looks super cool, although it's not a replica of any specific Trans-Am racer. The blacked out upper surfaces, sponsorship decals and mini-lite-style wheels speak the Trans-Am performance message loud and clear.

NASCAR fanatics can choose from a whole array of historic choices such as this Holman and Moody '65 Galaxie straight from the days when the cars you could buy off the showroom floor also ruled the roost at Daytona. Beside the Galaxie, the Fairlane was also outfitted in NASCAR trim and there are many examples of Mercury NASCAR possibilities to choose from as well.

If a Mercury clone is more to your liking interesting examples from the racing world abound. Beside Mercury's extensive history in drag racing and NASCAR it also campaigned in almost every other field of racing as well. Here is a perfect Mercury clone project subject in the form of a Dan Gurney Cougar coming straight from the original Trans-Am days.