Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 1, 2008

We've all seen them, whether they're going down the road on the way to work, or sitting next door in your neighbor's driveway--those cloudy, discolored, and yellowed plastic headlight assemblies. It's not just a Ford thing, as we've seen all manners of domestic and import vehicles with less-than-usable headlamps. But Fords are all we care about here, and it seems that the '99-'04 Mustang is more prone to this headlamp issue than most (though the '87-'93 Fox cars come a close second).

Sure, you can try a headlamp cleaning kit--they do work to some extent--but once the surface has started to fail, the discoloration usually continues to come back, just like a faded and dull paint job being buffed out time and time again. Luckily, the headlights are installed with simple friction clips, allowing an easy 10-minute driveway installation that's just about tool free. (I guess it depends upon how much grip you have in your fingertips.)

Our neighbor's daughter uses an '01 V-6 for daily driving duties, has taken very good care of the car, and she really enjoys driving it. We felt she had earned herself a new set of headlights for being such a good driver and taking care of her ride. Of course, we couldn't put stock lights in her Mustang; then we'd have to remove the "Modified" from our magazine name. So an e-mail later, a set of these nice, smoked headlights from American Muscle was on the way. Don't worry, though, American Muscle has stock replacement-style lights if that's what you want, as well as some wilder options with extra driving lights and accents.

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