Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
October 19, 2012

Thank goodness for the aftermarket. Every time the factory forgets to add a facet to a car, the aftermarket is there with solutions. Over time, the factory often takes the aftermarket hint and adds features to its cars. There is one area that the hint hasn't been heard, and that's under the hood. The Mustang still has a hood prop-rod. Not only does it get in our way on photo shoots, the prop rod just looks archaic these days. Moreover, it's just not cool to roll into a cruise night or a car show and prop your hood with a prop rod. Not only is it unsightly, but it's unsettling as well. You don't want the breeze or a passerby to knock the hood off its perch and have it push back or crash down.

One of the stalwarts in the aftermarket hood-lift world is Redline Tuning. If you've been to a Mustang show, you've likely seen its on-site installer towing his little red wagon around the show field, performing installs of the company's popular Quicklift (black e-coat) and Quicklift Elite (stainless) systems. Up until quite recently, Redline only offered systems that required drilling and riveting. The company still believes in this arrangement for most applications, as it gets the hood strut geometry just right and it's a durable arrangement. However, some people just don't want to drill, and for the latest Mustangs, the company has innovated a new system that requires no drilling.

Our own Project Vapor Trail already wears Redline's QuickLift Trunk Elite (PN 21-11017-03; $79.95) out back, so after seeing this new system in person at Mustang Week, we decided it was a good time to install the Matching Quick Lift Elite system (PN 21-11024-03; $119.95) for the hood. It's cleverly designed and installs quite easily on Mustangs with stock hoods or hoods that mirror the underside of the stock hood. There is also a version for aftermarket hoods. Check it out--we think you'll like it.

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Now with just a bit of input from you, your hood will lift up and stay put without the need for that ugly prop rod.