Dale Amy
July 1, 2003
Classic Design's grille eliminator kit lends a Mach 1 touch to your New Edge ('99-and-newer) V-6 or GT. From a functional standpoint, we can't help but think that getting the grille out of the airflow might also help cooling by a degree or two.

Every once in a while it's nice to do just a simple modification for a change. You know-one that won't result in your permanent disfigurement, or having to file for Chapter 11, or incurring a lot of downtime for your Mustang.

The ever-stylish folks at Classic Design Concepts have a modification that certainly falls under the "effortless" category. It's aimed at owners of New Edge GTs or V-6s who'd like to deep-six their plastic factory grilles and horses-in-a-corral in favor of the grilleless look championed by late-model Mach 1s.

Given half an hour and the simplest of hand tools, even those who shy away from doing their own oil changes can handle this one, and the net result is a more aggressive look that does away with the horse's corral altogether. And, as you know, we're for anything that frees up some horses.