Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 1, 2003
The KSR ultrasmoke light kit from AGE Classic Design adds a stunning visual look to the profile of Editor Turner's yellow Cobra. We think these lights would look sweet on just about any color '94-'98 Mustang.

Ever since Ford and other automobile manufacturers began using plastic headlamp housings, we've had to deal with cloudy and yellowed headlights. After a few years of use, the look of the housings leaves much to be desired, and the illumination quality of the lamp is greatly reduced once the housings begin to yellow and haze over.

In the past few years, the aftermarket has answered the call for replacement lights at a fraction of the cost of the Ford replacement lamps. As the market for Fox-and now '94-'98-Mustangs broadens and the cars become older, more and more of them will need to have their lamps replaced.

One of the more prominent companies for replacement lighting is KS Reproductions. KSR makes its money in the crash-parts business (bumper covers, grilles, headlights, and so on) and has parlayed those sales into an aftermarket business of custom lighting assemblies. Such lights include clear and smoke-tinted side markers along with other designs. Even stock replacement lights can be used to dress up your ride, such as using Cobra headlights in a non-Cobra Mustang.

We called AGE Classic Design to get a set of the KSR ultrasmoke headlight and side-marker assemblies for Editor Turner's Chrome Yellow '98 Cobra. The lights sell for $289.95 under PN 051-ML-HL-94-98ULTSMK.