Jim Smart
August 1, 2002

Step By Step

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Our objective at Mustang & Fords has always been to help you make your Ford, Merc, or Lincoln reliable, safe, and fun to drive. When we consider safety, thoughts turn to brakes, suspension, safety belts, and padded dashes, but safety must also include how we handle our classics in other ways.

It is certainly common knowledge with Mustang, Falcon, Comet, and Fairlane buffs that the fuel tank is also the trunk floor in many instances. That thin-gauge galvanized steel does a good job of keeping the fuel inside until we toss something heavy on top. Because Ford fitted trunk areas with really cheesy checkerboard vinyl, protection didn’t exist. Even a carpeted trunk floor wouldn’t afford a fuel tank much protection.

The Trunk Liner from M-Detail/The Mustang Market is designed to protect the fuel tank from carelessly tossed and heavyweight items we like to haul in our trunks. Protection comes from a heavy-gauge steel design that fits into the trunk-floor area between the rear wheelwells. Installation is a cakewalk, because the kit arrives at your doorstep with self-tapping screws, bolts, flexible body sealer, and insulation padding. The Trunk Liner can be installed in one to two hours.