Jeff Ford
September 1, 2002
Contributers: Jeff Ford

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When our ’87-’93 (Fox) chassis cars are ready for paint, one thing comes to mind. Well, two things: First, where are we going for paint? The second is how are we going to save a little money on the job? We could tell the painter to cut some corners, paint it with cheap paint, and be done with it. But that seems kinda revolting to us. You don’t skimp when it comes to the most obvious part of your car, the one thing that everyone will notice. But how can you, the “paint poor,” do something to save yourself some green backs? Well, there is the crazy idea that you could tear into the car and save some money on the job from the very beginning.

Though tearing down the car yourself will not cut the paint-job price in half, it will help. Jeff Smith, owner of Jeff’s Autobody here in Lakeland, Florida, is our man for the paint on the ’90 LX you see ripped apart. He was pleased he would not have to sweat over the body parts removal and told us that it would “give us more room for better bodywork or cut the cost of the job a bit.” It is also much easier to get a quality finish when the car is as close to its basic form as our ’90.