Wayne Cook
August 1, 2002

Step By Step

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Here’s our brand new Shelby-style GT350 fiberglass hood from Unlimited Products, fresh out of the crate. Behind it is our intended victim—a ’65 Mustang fastback.

If you’d like to take your ’65 or ’66 Mustang and spiff it up a bit, one good way is to add a fiberglass Shelby GT350 hood. The sturdy hood from Unlimited Products is all fiberglass in construction. The functional hoodscoop looks authentic and will enhance your car with its aggressive profile. The scoop will also supply your engine with a steady source of cool air and lower your underhood temperature. It’s much lighter than your stock hood, but will use the stock latch and safety-catch mechanism. It attaches to your stock hood hinges using supplied hardware, and has the metal hinge backing plates fastened into position, threaded to receive the hood fasteners and ready to go. The surface gelcoat will require light sanding and standard paint preparation at your favorite paint and body shop. We were pleased with the quality, straightness, and fit of the Unlimited Products hood.