Jim Smart
June 1, 2000

We've seen our share of auto-body rotisseries, but we have to admit we're impressed with the Whirly Jig Better Body Handler. The Whirly Jig makes short work of a restoration project because it enables you to tackle the car's body from any perspective. You can roll a car body 360 degrees around its longitudinal axis and lock it in any position for easy accessibility. The Whirly Jig is designed to accommodate virtually any Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln unit body or composite.

Not having to lie underneath a body to remove undercoating and detail the chassis is only one aspect of the Whirly Jig. Because it locks in any position, you can prepare a body for painting without having to bend over or lie down. Roll the body over one-quarter turn and you have a lower surface positioned for easy access. This eliminates those missed areas that are difficult to see while bending over a rocker panel.

The Whirly Jig can also mount other components when it'ss not handling bodies. Use one-half of the Whirly Jig for a transmission or differential work stand. Mount the component, and you can roll it over for universal access. Due to its weight, the Whirly Jig must be shipped motor freight to your address. But if you live within driving distance of Paris, Tennessee (located 100 miles northwest of Nashville), and have a heavy-duty trailer hitch, you can pick up the Whirly Jig from the factory and hang it on your hitch for the ride home. Available accessories such as special casters, a hydraulic lift, an electric motor drive, and so on, are designed to make your job easier. Contact Whirly Jig for more details.

We suggest assembling your Whirly Jig without wheels or casters installed, which is exactly what we didn’t do. After we assembled our Better Body Handler, we learned later from Warren Emerson of Whirly Jig that both ends should be flat on the floor without wheels or casters for improved stability during assembly.

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