Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
February 6, 2018

Anyone who has owned a 2005-2009 Mustang knows the door panels have a tendency to come apart. Specifically, the door panel inserts become separated from the door panel themselves, causing an eyesore, and a nuisance. The factory glue turns into a nasty residue and the insert will hang over your arm, which is really embarrassing. You can trim the insert just to get rid of it, but then you’re left with a disheveled door panel and no one wants that.

We have seen way more than one Mustang suffering from this condition, and a permanent fix is time-consuming and labor-intensive. There are kits available to make the fix easier to swallow, but if you just want to remove and replace your 2005-2009 Mustang’s door panels, Showtime Upholstery [706.409.0953] in Rome, Georgia can make that happen. Showtime doesn’t offer new door panels at this time, but if you’re local to them, you can drop off your Mustang for the redo. However, even if you aren’t in Showtime’s neck of the woods, you can still get your door panels fixed up, and looking like new.

Simply remove your failed door panels, send them to Showtime, and they’ll repair the door insert. Then Showtime can ship the door panels back to you for reinstallation in your Mustang. If you choose to send them to Showtime, you can either prepay for shipping back to your residence, or Showtime can simply put the shipping charge into the fee of repairing the door panels.

Either way you choose to correct your S197’s door panels, Showtime can make the fix.

1. Many times, the door panel insert becomes separated from the door panel, causing it to hang over onto your arm. This is what a door panel looks like when the insert is cut away. Yeah, nothing we want in our Mustang.

2. Once Showtime Upholstery is done working its magic, the door panel will look like brand new.