Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
April 1, 2001

Step By Step

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Voilà—$125 and an hour’s worth of labor later, and the front of the GT looks exactly like that of a ’93 Cobra. Cool.
Here’s Jimmy’s car in its GT glory. Yes, that is primer. The car is in the midst of regaining its street-worthiness with a healthy small-block and some kind of power adder. The paint will be a candy-red color, and once it’s done it will no doubt grace the pages of this magazine.
Once Jimmy has mapped out where he needs to cut, he uses a cut-off wheel to make the hole. Cervini’s carries a template that makes the cut-out process easier for those wishing to do it themselves. Safety glasses also work well in keeping melted urethane material from your eyes.
Ultimately, you’ll probably have to test fit the Cobra grille insert a couple times to make sure the hole is big enough to accept it. Before final installation, Jimmy uses a precleaner to provide a clean area for the two-sided tape to adhere.
In addition to the two-sided tape, the Cobra grille insert is held in place with a rivet on each side.

One of the good things about owning a Mustang is the multitude of body mods--big and small--that can be performed. In our Feb. 2001 issue ("11-Step Program," p. 109) we installed a Cervini's Stalker/Cobra ground-effects package on one of our project cars. That was a big project. This how-to focuses on a body mod that, even though it's a relatively small modification, garners a lot of attention for a minimal price.

We're installing Cervini's Cobra Grille Insert ($125) on a Fox GT. The owner, Jimmy White of Xtreme Custom Paint & Body, is in the midst of getting the car back in primo shape. A Cobra grille insert is designed to make your Fox LX or GT's front bumper cover look like that of a '93 Cobra. It's a common modification, and it definitely wakes up an otherwise sleepy front bumper cover.