Jim Smart
November 12, 2015

Confound it these endlessly frustrating Mustang quarter windows! They bind and stick; They hang up on the door windows; Rollers come out of the tracks—typically when the heavens open up and it’s raining like never before. Because rear quarter windows get used less frequently than their door counterparts, they’ve been more forgiving than door window regulators, yet yield a lot of the same aggravating issues when they do wear out.

National Parts Depot has everything you’re going to need to get your classic Mustang quarter windows back on track. Window track assemblies, regulators, rollers, and other hardware are available for 1965-1968 Mustang rear quarter windows. When we received these parts from NPD we were skeptical they wouldn’t fit just right or operate smoothly, because sometimes it can get dicey with reproduction parts. We were astonished at how well these reproduction quarter window parts fit and functioned. They were buttery smooth up and down along with ease of adjustment. Let’s get started.

We like these reproduction window regulators and tracks from National Parts Depot. The quality is better than original Ford parts of the era and function is exceptional.

Removal of the old window regulator and tracks has begun. You can remove this window assembly as a complete unit or slide the window out followed by the track. Roll the window down to remove the bottom fasteners; window up to remove the two top bolts.

Here’s the existing Ford window segment with NPD’s new track assembly. We were impressed with window roller and track fit. The windows glide up and down smoothly in these reproduction tracks. New reproduction window glass and frame assemblies are also available from NPD in clear or tinted.

We decided to load the NPD track first, then the window. Operation was so smooth we were able to assemble without white grease. When installation and adjustment were complete, we were able to lubricate without the mess.

Don’t be afraid to shim up your window tracks if the fit isn’t what you want at the quarter panel. You want a ¼-inch to 3/8-inch gap between the window and weatherstrip when the window is up. We used thick ¼-inch solid washers to get the window where we wanted. Take extra care not to damage paint.

This is how the window regulator will be configured inside the window pocket. Slide the top roller into the window segment first.

Two window travel stops are installed next to halt window travel on the top end. This will be the more challenging step in the installation because these guys are hard to get to.

This is the window regulator travel stop. It goes just inside the window pocket midway between the regulator bolts.

The completed window track and regulator replacement should resemble this installation in a 1967 Mustang.

These illustrations indicate how 1965-1968 Mustang hardtop and convertible quarter window assemblies go together. “A” bolts control window track height and angle. “B” bolts control window angle in and out.

Water shields should be installed and sealed as shown here.

Don’t Get This Backwards

Would you believe as many window regulators we’ve replaced in this magazine’s near four-decade history, we managed to get this one backwards. Don’t you… If your window idler track is straight up and down at 12 and six o’clock you’ve got the sides mixed up. If you have them backwards the idler track will be vertical and the window will not go down all the way. It should be at an angle.

If the idler track is 12 and six you’ve got it wrong. This is an easy mistake to make.

If your idler track looks like this, you’re spot on; the idler track is installed diagonally.

Adjust And Be Patient

Correct quarter window adjustment is when the quarter and door windows are parallel with each other. Ford calls for .028-inch between quarter window rubber and door window stainless. We’re of the opinion there needs to be more and with a solid seal between quarter window seal and the door window. Remember, you can get the quarter window adjusted, slam the door, and learn quickly the adjustment you just worked so hard to achieve has changed. Ultimately you want the window to eventually settle into a sweet spot where the door and quarter windows finally live happily with each other.

Arrows indicate bottom window track adjustment points. Bottom arrows control window angle as it relates to the perimeter seal. You want the quarter window to seat in the middle of the perimeter weatherstrip where it uniformly wraps around the window stainless. Quarter and door windows must be parallel. If the door window tags the quarter window more adjustment is required. The top adjuster (arrow) controls window track height.

Window track top bolts also control track height and angle.