2015 Ford Mustang Red Touchup Paint
Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 22, 2015
Photos By: Courtesy of AutomotiveTouchup

When customizing a Mustang we’ve often found a nice detailing touch is to paint small parts, trim items, emblems, etc. the factory body color. This ties the trim or emblem into the body nicely and gives it an OE look. It is especially popular with late-model Mustangs such as the modular engines with engine covers, fluid tanks, and radiator covers made from plastic. Painting these body color highlights the item while tying it into the exterior color gives a distinct and finished look. The same goes for interior trim items such as door handle bezels, knobs, and so forth. But where do you get the factory paint color without spending hundreds of dollars on custom mixed paints and then having a body shop spray said paint? Today the easy answer is AutomotiveTouchup.

Offering high-quality factory-matched automotive paint, AutomotiveTouchup offers a comprehensive library of OEM colors for every year of Mustang production to allow you to color-match just about any accessory or engine component that is not subject to friction or contact. Engine covers, air filter housings, exterior trim, license plate frames, wheel spokes, brake calipers, and so much more can be given a color-matching treatment to tie it into the main body color.

Simply visit www.automotivetouchup.com and use its year-make-model selector to find you Mustang’s color. AutomotiveTouchup not only offers 12-ounce aerosol cans, perfect for color-matching trim and accessories, but it also offers standard touch-up paint products and even ready to spray paint if you need to refinish your whole car. The 12-ounce aerosol cans are perfect for color-matching projects however, and feature a pro-grade spray tip to deliver a finely-atomized spray that is as close to a paint booth quality spray gun as possible. AutomotiveTouchup offers Clearcoat as well for maximum durability and surface shine to match. Detailed how-to instructional videos are available on its website too.