Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
November 1, 1998

Step By Step

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Before: stock.
After: Mustangs Unlimited’s clear marker lights.
The first step is to remove the plastic cover panel between the front fascia and the radiator. Use a screwdriver to pop up the plastic tabs (the black round things, roughly the diameter of a quarter). We found that if you can get your hand under the panel in the area of the fastener, a quick snap up will free the fastener.
There is one nut holding each light assembly in place, and it attaches to this stud (arrow A). The stud points straight in towards the car, and the nut is easy to see once the radiator cover panel is removed. There are two more studs holding the light in place, but they are barbed plastic pieces (arrows B) without nuts.
Once the nut is removed, pull on the light assembly to pop out the barbed plastic studs.
Twist the electrical connector (which contains the yellow turn signal bulb) a quarter-turn and remove it. Install the clear lights in the opposite order, and you’re done.

We like the look of our ‘96 Mustang and didn’t really have any plans to change its appearance. But then we heard about Mustangs Unlimited’s clear marker lights, and suddenly the nose of our red car looked... wrong.

This modification is only necessary if the plastic marker lights are fogged-over or broken, which wasn’t the case with our car. But installing the clear lights is a nice mod that’s easy to do, and one that makes your car stand out from the others in a subtle way. We’ve lost count of how many SN-95 Mustang owners have stared at the car knowing that something was different, but weren’t quite sure what it was.

Total installation time was a mere 15 minutes, and the lights sell for $74.95.