Jim Smart
January 14, 2014

Side Glass & Wing Windows

15. When you are setting wing and side window glass, use butyl tape, which is available at any auto body supply or glass shop.
16. If you use a thin film of mineral spirits on the glass, it will press into the butyl seal and seat nicely. When the mineral spirits evaporate, the seal will retain the glass. Never use RTV or any other of sealer for this purpose
17. When the glass is seated and the seal is dry, trim back the butyl seal with a razor blade.
18. The side glass gets the same treatment with the butyl seal installed in the stainless as shown. Again, use mineral spirits on the glass’ edge for ease of installation and don’t overdo it. Keep in mind that the side and wing window glass is tempered and made under very high pressure. Accidentally drop it and it explodes with shards of glass everywhere. Wear eye, face, and hand protection whenever you’re working with glass.
19. The glass and stainless are mated like this using either mineral spirits or soapy water to get the glass seated. Gently apply pressure; you may use a mallet on the stainless if you are very careful.
20. Once the glass is seated and dry, use a razor blade to trim back the butyl seal.
22. While we won’t be covering the installation and adjustment of the side windows, here’s a tip when you do install window glass and wing windows; protect your paint with layers of painting tape. Even the slightest impact, even with tape for protection, will damage paint.
21. The glass and stainless are installed in the window frame. Some installers suggest the use of windshield adhesive (for glue in windshields) where the glass joins the frame at the bottom.