Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
May 31, 2013

Horse Sense: If you aren’t a Focus owner, don’t sweat it. Redline Tuning has QuickLift kits for all ’79-to-present Mustangs, including the bolt-on, no-drill kit for ’05-and-up Mustangs.

The latest Fords, including my new daily ride, a ’13 Focus ST, are chock full of modern technology, style, and performance. Yet when you lift the hood, you still have to hold it up yourself and reach for a clunky prop rod. That’s right, the prop rod is probably the most retro piece of hardware on the car. It not only looks cheap, but it can be knocked out and send your hood crashing down. This is embarrassing at a car show and a bit dangerous in the garage.

It’s fortunate that company’s like Redline Tuning have come to the rescue with a way to lift and hold your hood without using the archaic prop rod. To bring my ST’s engine compartment into the modern era, I opted to install one of Redline Tuning’s new QuickLift systems for the ’12-’14 Focus. This kit is available in two versions, standard QuickLift (PN 21-11025-02; $89.99) and QuickLift Elite (PN 21-11025-03; $119.99). Both of these bolt-in kits function the same way, offering one-hand hood lifting courtesy of progressive gas springs. The base system features black gas springs, while the Elite system includes stainless steel gas springs.

With its upmarket package and Ingot Silver paint, my ST cried out for the Elite system, so that’s what’s being installed here. It took me less than an hour to install the system, and that’s with pauses to snap photos. If it’s easy enough for an editor to do it, then you can definitely tackle it in your garage.

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Less than an hour later, Project Silver Lining’s hood lifts on its own and stays in place thanks to Redline Tuning’s QuickLift Elite system.