Jim Smart
October 1, 2003

I hadn't spoken with Mark DuBois of Distinctive Industries in ages. Out of the blue, I decided to call him. Through the years, Mark and I have brainstormed a lot of ideas for Fords old and new. Chatting with Mark has always been an opportunity to dream spin and conceive new ideas. One idea born of our good conversation is the new Mustang trunk carpet kit from Distinctive Industries, available from Texas Mustang Parts. This is one of those "Why didn't someone think of this before?" ideas that seems so natural for a vintage-Ford trunk area.

Mark drove up to my Southern California high-desert home with three Distinctive Industries trunk carpet kits for '65-'68 Mustangs in black, red, and blue. Every factory color is available, plus a few more we haven't even thought of. We gave each of them a look, then installed the black one in a '67 Mustang hardtop.

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