Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 17, 2012

Hind Sight Suggestions

As always, once we finish a project, there are several “Why didn’t we?” thoughts, so we figured we’d throw them into this sidebar and save you some frustration and/or time when you add your own power windows.

  • Wear mechanic’s gloves. Not only are the regulators sharp, but so are the metal openings in your car. Our hands look like we were on the losing end of a hand shake with Freddy Krueger!

  • While we pulled the whole glass out of the car to drill out our stripped screws, later the idea popped into our head that we most likely could have drilled out the screws right in the door opening. Doh!

  • Drilling the cowl side wiring hole is easy; it’s the door side that’s not fun. While we crammed an air drill and hose into the door and got it to work, we’ve since installed a second set of these power windows on another car and had great success with “quick release” drill bits and a 12-inch drill bit extension chucked into a cordless drill. It allows the drill to be farther away from the vent window frame and gives more room for viewing.

  • As noted, we had to destroy the glass scrapers during removal to get the glass out (see hind sight note above!), but we also had one door with a torn moisture barrier and a few damaged door panel clips. Do yourself a favor and order door panel clips and inspect your door for worn weatherstrips, etc. so you can order it all at once!

  • If you’re installing power windows with the power crank switch on an early car with clip-on style window cranks, be sure to order the later crank handles that are retained with a screw, as that’s the only handle that will work on these switches.

  • Using a readily available diagram online and some relays, you can get the driver’s crank switch to control the passenger side window too. It’s a neat add-on, but the owner of this car didn’t want the extra wiring.

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