Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
February 17, 2012

For some owners it’s easy to tear into a vintage Mustang with wild abandon, throwing concours ideas out the window in the name of modern amenities and creature comforts. At the other end of the spectrum are the diehard concours guys who spend countless hours looking for an NOS part and researching their Mustang’s factory build details to the tiniest degree. Yet there are others who enjoy the classic styling of the Mustang and want to drive a relatively stock appearing car but with a few hidden upgrades to make driving safer and more enjoyable. For those who fall in this middle area (or even the diehard restomod guys looking for something different/cool for their vintage Mustang), we want to introduce you to Electric-Life and their power crank switch.

What does the power crank switch do, you ask? It’s simple, really. The power crank switch is a reverse polarity-based Delrin assembly that houses a pair of micro switches and a splined shaft that accepts the stock window crank handles. Originally designed for custom interiors and the street rod market, many builders have been integrating them into stock interiors to give owners the ability to have power windows without modifying door panels and adding unsightly, or “incorrect,” window switch controls on the door or center console. The power crank switch is spring loaded and has internal stops that allow the window crank to rotate far enough to engage the internal micro switches while protecting the switch from overzealous window crankers.

Wiring the switches is no more difficult than wiring a traditional up/down rocker switch, but to fit the switches in the stock locations will take some minor grinding work to clearance the switch and the regulator for the front door fitment. If you are fitting power windows to a coupe or convertible, the rear window setup is a little more involved to use the switches, but is still very much possible to install in a home shop with hand tools.

We’re installing Electric-Life’s excellent bolt-in power window conversion kit on a ’68 Mustang coupe and adding their power crank switches to the install as well. While this ’68 has a mild interior upgrade (TMI carbon-look upholstery and Billet Performance Accessories window cranks), the owner didn’t want to cut up his new door panels for switches.

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