Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 1, 2008
Photos By: Courtesy Of Autoinstruments.Com

Have you tried buying a '68-'70 instrument cluster with the 140-mph speedometer and 8,000-rpm tach recently? More than likely, your wallet hurts just thinking about it.

Today's treasured 140/8,000 clusters were rare to begin with. In 1968, barely 2 percent of Mustangs were equipped with the optional tachometer cluster, the majority of them with the standard 0-120-mph speedometer and 0-6,000-rpm tachometer. Only Shelbys got the coveted 140/8,000 versions that year. So you can thank demand and rarity for today's high prices.

Gentry Zentmeyer at Auto Instruments points out that you don't have to have an original 140-mph speedo or 8,000-rpm tach to install one in your '68-'70 Mustang. Auto Instruments can convert 120/6,000 to 140/8,000 units. At the same time, the company restores the gauges, a process that includes repairing, calibrating, stripping, and refinishing the gauge faces; repainting the pointers; and restoring the cluster housing with new plastic-chrome, paint, and exterior finish. If you don't have the tach cluster, Auto Instruments can convert your 120 speedo to 140 status.

Auto Instruments offers instrument repair and restoration for all vintage Mustang instrumentation, including conversion to quartz movement for clocks.