Jim Smart
March 1, 2008

Do you remember a time when classic Mustang carpeting looked old and worn out from wear and you couldn't buy it anywhere? That was during the mid-'70s when the only choice available was universal auto carpet kits from J.C. Whitney or your favorite local auto parts store. The carpet wasn't molded, either, which made a classic Mustang more closely resemble your father's Studebaker than a contemporary '60s classic.

When the Mustang parts industry was born in the late '70s, the field was wide open. Many of the big names in this business, including Mustangs Unlimited, started from modest beginnings. In 1978, Jack Holland founded Auto Custom Carpets and began selling molded carpet for older automobiles. In 1984, he purchased Academy Carpets in Dalton, Georgia, and started making his own molded carpeting. In the years since, Auto Custom Carpets has been serving the hobby well with high-quality molded (and custom) carpeting for vintage Mustangs.

We're going to show you how to replace Mustang molded carpeting, as well as some options available from Mustangs Unlimited and Auto Custom Carpets.

Xtreme Carpeting
If you're building a restomod or want something different, consider Xtreme Flooring from Auto Custom Carpets. We're talking hot colors-Limelite Green, Flaming Fuchsia, Electric Blue, Chrome Yellow, Royal Purple, White, and Hugger Orange. It's available for classic or late-model Mustangs. All you have to do is get on the phone and be specific. Auto Custom Carpets will handle the rest.